Buy a course of steroids for mass + strength (not expensive)


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Buy an inexpensive steroid cycle for mass + strength

ANAPALON 40 tab 50mg + SUSTAMED 10ml 250mg + TAMOXIFEN 20tab 20mg

– Manufacturer: Balkan Pharmaceuticals

pharmachologic effect

Oxymetholone Balkan – a powerful stimulator of muscle growth. It has the strongest anabolic effect, helping to achieve noticeable results in a relatively short period of time. With Oxymetholone, you can achieve a weight gain of 5-7 kg within 2 weeks. The drug contributes to the effect of volume and has a positive effect on the nitrogen balance in the body.
The drug eliminates pain in the joints, provoking the production of synovial fluid – articular lubrication. It has a positive effect on the functionality of the skeletal system, helping the absorption of calcium. It was originally used for medical purposes to treat osteoporosis, a disease of the skeleton.
Oxymetholone increases the red blood cell mass, which contributes to the intensive saturation of tissues with oxygen: this increases the strength and endurance of the athlete. Oxymetholone creates the so-called "pump effect" – an increased flow of blood to the muscle group involved at a particular moment of training.
Sustamed 250mg/ml 1ml Balkan (Sustanon) – is used in medicine as a means of hormone replacement therapy for testosterone deficiency, and is also widely used in bodybuilding, powerlifting and weightlifting.
The testosterone esters included in the mixture have a different rate of absorption into the blood, which makes it possible to maintain increased hormonal activity in the body for a month.
The increase in muscle weight per month with a course of Sustanon is an average of 6 kg.The drug has catabolic activity – prevents protein breakdown, promotes the regeneration of muscle fibers, increases the number of red blood cells and thereby improves oxygen supply to tissues and organs.
Athletes taking sustanon note an increase in endurance, an increase in appetite, and an almost complete absence of the “rollback phenomenon”. There is also an increase in libido.
Tamoximed –
Properties of Tamoxifen:
– Increase in power indicators.
– Increasing the hardness and relief of the muscles.
– Increase in muscle mass.
Tamoxifen is very popular in bodybuilding there is an opinion that not a single victory in major competitions can do without it. Pronounced antiestrogenic effect.
– The effect that made Tamoxifen so popular. The higher the dosage of AAS, the greater the need to compensate for estrogenic activity.
The use of Tamoxifen or its analogues on PCT after heavy cycles is almost mandatory.
– The fight against body fat.
– Prevention of feminization.
– Reduced risk of atherosclerosis.
– Prevention of cardiovascular diseases.
– Improving the functioning of the liver.
The antiestrogenic effect of Tamoxifen is due to the blocking of estrogen receptors (and not the cessation of the conversion of testosterone to estrogen, as many people think).
The drug only freezes estrogenic activity, and does not completely prevent it.

Application and dosage

Well Oxymetholone suitable for male athletes over 21 years of age. The duration of the course is 6-8 weeks. It is not advisable to increase the duration of taking Oxymetholone, because. the main results are achieved within the first 3 weeks.
It is better to take a break for a few weeks, then repeat the course. The maximum daily dose of the drug is 100 mg.Athletes using anabolics for the first time are not recommended to use more than 50 mg per day.
At the end of the course, it is desirable for the athlete to undergo PCT – post-cycle therapy: the level of natural testosterone should be restored.
Also do one to two injections of sustamed 250 mg per week
At the end of the course take tamoximed 40 mg for a week, if desired, increase the dose to 60 mg


Oxymetholone can be combined with injectable anabolic drugs.

Side effects

Oxymetholone – an ideal preparation suitable for both beginners in the world of power sports for a "quick start" and experienced athletes.

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