FLEXAGEN 300 Genetic Labs (testosterone mix)


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FLEXAGEN 300mg Blend – Genetic Labs

– Testosterone Propionate 50mg,
– Testosterone Phenylpropionate 50mg,
– Testosterone Acetate 50mg,
– Testosterone Cypionate 75mg,
– Testosterone Decaonate 75mg,
Manufacturer: Genetic Labs (Europe)
Active ingredient 300mg 1ml
– Dosage form: vial for intramuscular injections
– Activity: 15 days
– Detection in the body: up to 3 months
– Anabolic activity: about 100%
– Androgenic activity: high (100%)
– Effect on liver function: none
– Aromatization: yes, high

FLEXAGEN 300mg Blend – Genetic Labs – is a novelty among steroid drugs. It includes five different esters for the best results. Prolonged action is provided by an ideal combination of esters, which causes the release of the drug into the blood in various terms after its direct administration.

Application and dosage

The optimal course of taking the drug is 10 weeks. Courses less than specified are not effective. There are also many proven cycles combined with other anabolic steroids. The drug, like all other testosterone derivatives, has aromatization, that is, conversion to estrogen. Estrogens have a negative effect on the result and on the male body as a whole, therefore, during the use of any testosterone preparation, aromatase inhibitors should be included.


FLEXAGEN 300mg Blend – Genetic Labs usually injects solo for a set of quality muscles, you can add Turinabol 40mg per day.

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