SUSTAGEN 250 Genetic Labs (sustanon)


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SUSTAGEN 250 Genetic Labs (sustanon)

– Manufacturer: Genetic Labs

– Classification: anabolic steroid

– Release form: bottle with solution

– Duration of action: 3-4 weeks

– Aromatization: present

– Effect on liver function: not observed

– Detection period: 90 days

– Anabolic activity: 100%

Sustanone 250 (sustanon) – a mix of 4 essential testosterones, which, due to its chemical composition, has a long-term anabolic effect.

pharmachologic effect

SUSTAGEN 250 Genetic Labs (sustanon) It is used in medicine as a means of hormone replacement therapy for testosterone deficiency, and is also widely used in bodybuilding, powerlifting and weightlifting.
The testosterone esters included in the mixture have a different rate of absorption into the blood, which makes it possible to maintain increased hormonal activity in the body for a month.
The increase in muscle weight per month with a course of Sustanon is an average of 6 kg. The drug has catabolic activity – prevents protein breakdown, promotes the regeneration of muscle fibers, increases the number of red blood cells and thereby improves oxygen supply to tissues and organs.
Athletes taking sustanon note an increase in endurance, an increase in appetite, and an almost complete absence of the “rollback phenomenon”. There is also an increase in libido.

Application and dosage

Sustanon injections are given once a week. The optimal dose is considered to be 500 ml, however, some athletes who already have a positive experience in the use of anabolic steroids increase the volume to 1000 ml.
The course of taking Sustanon 250 lasts 6-8 weeks.
With an increase in duration, it is recommended to use Gonadotropin to produce natural sex hormones. At the end of the course, it is desirable to conduct post-course therapy.

Combination with other steroids

Combinations of Sustanon with other anabolic drugs can reduce the risk of unwanted effects and increase the effectiveness of the course.
Sustanon goes well with Turinabol or Trenbolone in courses for weight gain and Winstrol for drying.

Side effects and contraindications

Sustanon contraindicated in young people under 21 years old, whose musculoskeletal system has not yet formed, people with hypertension and cardiovascular diseases.
In rare cases, athletes report a flu-like condition and a slight increase in temperature while taking Sustanon.
Sustanon 250 is a popular and effective drug for high-grade trainings and preparation for competitions, combining safety in application with stability of effects.

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