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Description: Canada Peptides Somatropin

Description: Canada Peptide Somatropin Canada Peptide Somatropin – Growth hormone is a peptide hormone; in humans, its chain consists of 191 amino acids.
The main function of somatotropin in the body is the activation of tissue growth. The name of the same name speaks for itself.
It was originally used specifically to increase height in people with pituitary dwarfism, or simply to treat dwarfism. During puberty, the concentration of endogenous growth hormone in the blood is at a very high level, which leads to intensive growth of bones in length and an increase in the overall height of a person. The synthesis of this hormone in the human body occurs in the anterior pituitary gland.
The pituitary gland is a small gland located in the lower part of the brain, which is responsible for the production of various vital hormones that affect many biochemical processes in the human body (metabolism, reproductive function, growth). With age, the natural reproduction of growth hormone slows down, which causes a number of age-related changes (for example, bone fragility increases, wrinkles appear, skin sagging).
At the age of 20, the approximate production of one's own growth hormone fluctuates within 500 mcg per day, at 40 years old – 200 mcg, and already at 70-80 years old this value smoothly tends to zero, the average is 25-40 mcg.
That is, the use of exogenous growth hormone may be simply necessary in order to slow down age-related changes and fill your life with bright colors and emotions.

pharmachologic effect

Effects of Growth Hormone when used:
– increase in lean muscle mass
– powerful anabolic effect and anti-catabolic
-fat burning
– hyperplasia (an increase in the number of muscle cells, by the way, the effect is lasting, even if you stop taking the drug, you will retain most of the gained muscles)
– increased endurance, strength
– an obstacle to age-related changes (smoothes wrinkles, makes the skin more elastic, smooth, restores rich hair color)
– has a healing effect, strengthens joints, ligaments, bones, and other connective tissue
– Mood improvement and depression remedy
– increase in height (up to 22 years)
– as a means to improve memory, immunity – improve vision, blood pressure and strengthen the heart

Side effects and contraindications

The variety of positive effects and virtually no side effects from the use of exogenous growth hormone make it one of the most delicious and desirable drugs in sports to achieve new record results. Somatotropin can be taken by men and women, the difference is only in dosages, oddly enough, but the female half of our society requires injections of a larger volume than men, this is due to the natural natural level of growth hormone in each of the sexes. in women, it is 40-50% higher than in men, other things being equal (age, metabolism, lifestyle).
For example, we will consider the course of a beginner, a person who has never used exogenous growth hormone.
The duration of the course in this case can be extended in the time interval from 2 to 6 months of use.
Dosages are small, 4 units (1 bottle) per day will be enough for at least the first month. Injections are preferably done in the morning, the ideal time is right in the morning, when the blood glucose level is low enough, this is a natural favorable environment for the life of endogenous growth hormone, which contributes to its longer action. To achieve a better result from the second month, it is recommended to add another injection after training, all the same 4 units, this will create a favorable background for faster recovery and the prevention of catabolic (destructive processes) in the muscles.

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