Omnitrope 15 ME /1.5 ML Somatropin (growth hormone)


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Omnitrope 15 ME /1.5 ML Somatropin

– Manufacturer: Denmark

– Drug class: growth hormone

– Release form: 5 cartridges with injection solution

– Duration of effect: 48 or more hours

– Time of presence in the body: no more than 4 weeks

– Anabolic action: 100%

– Effects on liver function: none

Omnitrope is similar to a natural human hormone, and has an identical amino acid sequence. Manufacturer of the drug Europe.

pharmachologic effect

The effects that are observed when using the drug are as follows:
– Increased immunity,
– muscle hypertrophy,
– Fat burning,
– Improving physical abilities,
– Uplifting mood.

The prices of Omnitrop (growth hormone) allow the use of the drug by both professionals and amateurs who want to improve their athletic performance.

Application and dosage

The hormone is injected subcutaneously, the recommended dose is 1 fl per day 15 units. For injections, you should use an insulin syringe, according to athletes, this is the best option.

Combination with other steroids

It is often combined with steroid courses boldenone, primobolan, turinabol, sustanon

Side effects and contraindications

Side effects, as such, are seen in one patient out of 100, but before the course it is better to consult a doctor, if necessary, undergo a diagnosis.
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