TEST PH 100 Magnus (phenyl propionate)



Description: Testosterone Phenylpropionate 100mg

– Manufacturer: Magnus

– Drug class: anabolic steroid

– Release form: bottle with injection solution

– Duration of activity: 2-3 days

– Time of presence in the body: no more than 4 weeks

– Anabolic action: 100% – Androgenic action: 100%

– Effects on liver function: none

– Effects on the hypothalamic-gonadal system: present

Testosterone Phenylpropionate 10ml 100mg (testosterone phenyl) Chemically, the drug is a compound of testosterone with phenylpropionate ester, which is much more common in combination with nandrolone (deca)

pharmachologic effect

Testosterone Phenylpropionate 100mg – a steroid for the growth of muscle mass, which, due to its characteristics, is used by athletes during the drying period and for the formation of muscle relief.
In its structure, Testosterone Phenyl Propionate is a testosterone ester active for 4-5 days, is a cross between testosterone cypionate and propionate.
The drug may be useful for athletes who like propionate, but are not satisfied with the high frequency of injections. Based on experience, the best results are achieved when the drug is injected every third or fourth day, or about twice a week.
In addition to the features of the ether part of the molecule, testosterone phenylpropionate differs slightly from other forms. According to athletes, this drug causes fluid accumulation in the body to a lesser extent than testosterone cypionate or enanthate.The "dryness" of the muscles is comparable to the results obtained with the use of propionate.

Application and dosage

Testosterone Phenylpropionate 100mg applied in a course of 2-4 weeks. For athletes taking anabolic drugs for the first time, a dosage of no more than 50 mg per injection every 3-4 days is recommended.
Experienced athletes can administer 100 mg or more every 3 days. To avoid side effects, you should take atiestrogen (Proviron) in parallel with Testosterone Phenyl Propionate. This will help to avoid excessive fluid retention in the body, and eliminate the risk of gynecomastia. After the end of the reception, a course of rehabilitation therapy using Tamoxifen is recommended.
To maintain the gained mass at the exit from the course, it is advisable to take Cortisol. Do not forget about the special sports diet during the course.

Combination with other steroids

Testosterone phenylpropionate Pairs well with most anabolic steroids. Based on popular opinions, combinations with turinabol, stanazolol and methandienone are excellent, this drug is longer, since there will be no effect from this.

Side effects and contraindications

Side effects at reasonable doses of Testosterone Phenylpropionate 100mg (testosterone phenyl) are easily eliminated with the help of aromatase inhibitors.

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